Migraine: The Symptoms, Causes and Remedies 

Migraines are not your regular headaches, although both cause pain; having a migraine can be very painful and unbearable. Unlike regular headaches, migraines can last up to days and will not respond to common pain relievers. Around the world there are a lot of people who are suffering and dealing with having a migraine every day.  


Migraines VS headaches  

Migraines are very far from headaches. Headaches can be bearable and can easily respond to pain medications, with migraines on the other hand; you will experience a severe pain and pulsing sensation on your head with extreme nausea, vomiting and can worsen if exposed to light or sound. It can last for hours and even days if not treated with the right pain medication. Patients with migraines cannot function very well and will probably file leave for work or have a hard time concentrating because of the symptoms that can be very disabling to any individual  

What causes Migraines?  

There are a lot of migraine causes. For example, hormonal changes in women often cause a migraine, and this can be one of their pre-menstrual syndromes. Some women have severe migraine days before getting their period. For some it can be an allergic reaction to a certain food, for both male and female. Stress can also be a big trigger factor for having migraines, the lack of sleep, sensory stimuli such as light, sound and strong smells can also trigger migraine. Studies also show that gender plays a big factor when experiencing migraines. Women have more hormonal changes that men, that is why most often women experiences migraine attacks. Migraines can also be caused by medications and other environmental factors.  


Migraines can be very debilitating and like some of the common ailments there are some tips that can help you remedy your migraine:  

  • Avoid oily and foods containing high MSG  
  • If you have eye problems, it is best to wear anti-glare prescription glasses to protect you also from sensory stimulus that can cause a migraine.  
  • Try to get a good amount of sleep. As stress can be a factor, this can be avoided by getting a good amount of sleep.  
  • Exercise before your period. It is good to do some exercise before your period, this releases good hormones and help you lessen your PMS.  
  • Avoid using too many gadgets daily. Try to limit yourself with being on your phone and laptop daily. Eye strain and too much light can trigger your migraine.  
  • Drink water regularly. Your migraine can start by a simple sign of dehydration.  
  • Check your medications. Your current medications may cause your migraines. Check with your doctor if he or she can advise another medication.  
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise can really help you with coping with your migraine. Regular physical movement can help relieve tension and stress.  


Migraines can be symptoms for other ailment and if not treated early, it can result to serious medical cases. If you are experiencing frequent and unbearable pain due to a migraine, consult your doctor or contact a Pain Management Spokane near you. Remember to treat your migraine seriously and if the pain is no longer remedied by the tips we have suggested, call your doctor and seek professional treatment.  

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How to Safely Clean Your Dryer Vent

You may be saying that you are able to clean your dryer vent each time you run the dryer. However, this is just the dryer lint filter. As a matter of fact, the full vent of your dryer extends at the back of your dryer as well as the walls of your house to expel the lint via the exhaust vent. In addition to that, neglected dryer vents are considered as the most major reason of dryer fires as well as affect more than ten thousand homes every year. This is the reason why dryer vents must be cleaned up every one to two years, however, it is best that you clean it in a regular manner. Reduced air flow and lint build-up actually feed upon each other as well as might turn a dirty dryer vent into fire in just a short period of time. Luckily, cleaning the vent of your dryer is not a very complicated home maintenance habit and also affordable to hire out a professional and dependable dryer vent cleaning in Nashville TN if you really need to. 

Dryer Vent

Furthermore, it’s also very important that you inspect and clean the vent of your dryer every year. This is because a poorly vented dryer could increase the time of drying to double as well as may increase energy costs. Furthermore, extended drying time can also lead to heat limit switch inside your dryer to malfunction, which causes a service call, and the appearance of your bad dryer, which leads to unnecessary replacement. Below, you will learn some of the most important steps on how to clean your dryer vent.  

Turn the Power of Your Dryer Off 

This method includes both the gas line for dryers that are powered by gas well as the electrical plug. 

Move Your Dryer out from the Wall

You’ll want to move your dryer out in order to make sure that it is safe. This may be about 2 feet as well as give you enough access to the vent of your dryer.  

Detach Your Dryer Vent

It’s very important that you inspect your dryer’s transition duct, which is the connection from your dryer to its vent pipe, and watch out for any cracks. If it’s made of plastic, make sure that you chance it to a more flexible foil or even other ducts that are UL approved. In addition to that, a duct with plastic transition will also become really fragile as well as break without any notice. This is why you need to make sure that the duct is in the shortest length possible as well as not crimped in order to allow all the exhaust air to escape. Aside from that, the vent must also be held fast using a clamp. And, you can then detach your dryer’s vent and remove the lint through loosening the clamp with the use of a screwdriver. In order to make sure that you’ll have a safe dryer vent cleaning procedure, it’s best that you hire a professional. 

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Reasons Why We Should Hire a Professional Concrete Contractor

licensed concrete contractor provides products and concrete services for commercial and residential jobs such as retain walls, footings, basement floors, garage pads, sidewalks, patios and driveways. Having the right company by your side will ensure a beautiful end result as wells as an exceptional customer experience. 

Professional Concrete Contractor

The following are some of the reasons why we should hire a professional concrete contractor to do the concrete task: 

They have the expertise and experience.

The possibilities are you do not spend much time doing the concrete work. While a professional concrete contractor works with concrete every single day. Their years of doing this job app up to their knowledge of design, finishing, installation and preparation of any concrete task such as quickly finding solutions and troubleshooting to anything that could occur. This kind of specialty is earned from years of experience and will not be gained in a DIY videos on YouTube. DIY can sometimes lead you to a lot of frustration and costly mistakes. 

They have the proper materials and tools. 

Concrete jobs such as installation of a new garage pad or driveway can be a massive project and needs a lot of specialized materials and equipment. As a matter of fact, these special tools are very expensive to buy or rent however, these are very important in order to come up with the best results possible. In addition to that, a professional concrete contractor has the right tools and equipment as well as the skill sets of how to perform safely and effectively in order to get the task done accordingly. 

It could save energy as well as time.

Concrete jobs do not make for light or simple work. They basically need a lot of physical strength and a huge commitment to time especially when you are trying to fit the task in between your family, other obligations and your full-time job. A professional concrete contractor will tackle your task head on, with the right equipment and enough manpower needed without having to think of the interruptions in life. That simply means that, you may go about your everyday life without having to worry about it while your task is efficiently finished and at the same time, to a much higher standard. 

They can offer unique and creative custom concrete selections.

Taking a DIY concrete job will be too difficult, let alone trying to be creative with your finishes and style. Professional concrete contractor can help make designs of custom concrete which will be as elaborate or simple as you budget and preferences suggest. Custom finishes may include unique texture and stamps, colors, sealers and stains. Try concrete which mimics top-of-the-line natural stones such as terra cotta or slate, use acid staining for shiny, simple marble-looking yet durable polished finish. Aside from that, they can assist you to select a concrete style which will enhance your property value and the curb appeal. 

Hiring a Professional

Hiring a professional concrete contractor every time you have a project involving stamped concrete in Kansas City will give you peace of mind knowing you will receive exceptional workmanship and customer service. 

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Basic Facts About Metal Roofing For Homes

There are many roofing materials available in the market and each has their own advantage. Well, metal roofs are quite popular these days mainly because they look industrial and fire resistant but these are just some of its amazing features. To help you decide if a metal roof is what you want for your house, then here are the things that you need to know about metal roofing. 

Metal Roofing

     Not Just Architectural Digest 

Metal roofs are used to be found only on houses that architects have designed. Metal roofing is increasingly found on more conventional houses and not any more particular for rich people. 

    Easily Installed 

Even if you have an existing roof, you can actually install metal roofs without tearing off shingles. Shingle removal is the preferred route but can also be messy and increase the cost of the installation. 

Water vapor conjunction is an issue with a metal roof on existing shingles because as water vapor builds up mold and rot occurs. To eliminate this problem, roofers can install a vented metal roof over existing shingles and will also raise the metal and provide an air pocket between it and the shingles. 

    Not Noisy Compared to Asphalt Roofing 

Properly installed metal roofing is surprisingly not noisier compared to any other type of roof. Metal roofing is usually installed over a hard substrate. Additionally, your insulation and attic will provide a sound barrier.  

The metal roof will most likely be raised over using furring strips if you are planning to install metal roofing over your existing roof. These furring strips provide an air pocket which will further lessen the sound.  

    Does Not Attract Lightning 

It is a faulty logic to think that metal roofs will attract lightning easily. According to Metal Construction Association, metal roofing does not increase the chance of a lightning strike. Additionally, if ever a metal roof is hit with lightning, there is a lesser chance of combustion compared to conventional roofing materials like shake shingles. 

    Warranted Lives are Equal to Conventional Roofing Products 

Areas such as Southern California are fire prone and it is ideal to use metal roofing if you are residing in this place, it is advantageous to use metal roofing because it will extinguish any embers. Insects such as termite cannot target metal roofing. Metal roofing is also resistant to rot and mildew. 

    Acts Like a Pea Pod 

Metal roofing is available in larger sheets and the pieces are tightly sealed together which makes it ideal to install on gently pitched roofs. During severe hailstorms, metal roofing will weather pea sized hailstorms.   

However, in an instance wherein there is severe hail storm with larger stones, your copper or aluminum roof may get dented but if you use steel, it will be harder and will fare better in the severe weather disturbance. 

If you are planning to install or replace metal roofing in your home, consider these facts and hire a professional roofer. Thankfully, there are many roofing companies that offer professional services such as roofing Colorado Springs that provides high-quality work and customer satisfaction. 

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