The kitchen is probably one of the dirtiest places in your home. Oftentimes, organizing your fridge and keeping the dishes in the right place is the last thing on your mind.  


Fortunately, we are here to help you. Here are several tips to help you get your kitchen tidy and neat. If you still need some help, you can always count on a professional home cleaning service Tacoma 

What’s The Quickest Way to Clean the Kitchen? 

You will need an easy and fast way to make your kitchen look presentable if it is in disorder after a busy day. This is particularly true if unexpected guests are about to arrive.  

Here are several tips that you can follow. 

  • Get all the required things. You should gather all cleaning agents, cloths, and sponges together to speed up the cleaning process before you start.  
  • Disinfect quickly every visible area with water and detergent to make your kitchen appear clean. This is particularly true if you’ve got light-colored cabinets and counters.  
  • No matter how much you scrub the sink and stove, your kitchen will not look clean if it is cluttered. Get all the useless items in a single place and move them somewhere where nobody can see. 
  • To clean your stainless steel sink, you can use baking soda and damp sponge. To make it shine, you can spray it with some vinegar. Make sure you use water in rinsing it.  
  • Letting your plates soak in a sink filled with hot water is the quickest way to eliminate food leftovers on the plates. While waiting for your plates, you can clean the rest of your kitchen. Put them in the dishwasher or manually clean them afterward. 

When cleaning your kitchen, there is no right or wrong way. However, all kitchens have places that always require more attention than others. You can easily maintain a clean looking kitchen if you learn how to properly clean them. 

Cleaning Cabinets 

Your kitchen cabinets can become a breeding place for bacteria with all the condensation and grease from cooking. You can mix water with some dish detergent or use an oil-soap wood cleaner to clean your cabinets. Using half water and half distilled vinegar solution to spray the surfaces is another excellent option. Use a dry rag to wipe your cabinets clean. 

Cleaning Taps and Sinks 

You have to give your skin a deep clean every time you use it since it is the best area for bacteria to build up. Purchase a multipurpose kitchen agent to eliminate germs effectively. You can utilize this agent to regularly clean your sink. Utilize a product that is designed specifically for stainless steel if you are cleaning fixtures. This will help prevent damaging the metal and get rid of fingerprints.  

Cleaning Gas Stoves 

It is crucial that you know how to clean effectively all the burnt-on grime and food that has accumulated in your gas stove. First, you have to soak the burner grates in hot water. To make sure you get into all the small gaps, you can utilize a toothbrush.