Migraines are not your regular headaches, although both cause pain; having a migraine can be very painful and unbearable. Unlike regular headaches, migraines can last up to days and will not respond to common pain relievers. Around the world there are a lot of people who are suffering and dealing with having a migraine every day.  


Migraines VS headaches  

Migraines are very far from headaches. Headaches can be bearable and can easily respond to pain medications, with migraines on the other hand; you will experience a severe pain and pulsing sensation on your head with extreme nausea, vomiting and can worsen if exposed to light or sound. It can last for hours and even days if not treated with the right pain medication. Patients with migraines cannot function very well and will probably file leave for work or have a hard time concentrating because of the symptoms that can be very disabling to any individual  

What causes Migraines?  

There are a lot of migraine causes. For example, hormonal changes in women often cause a migraine, and this can be one of their pre-menstrual syndromes. Some women have severe migraine days before getting their period. For some it can be an allergic reaction to a certain food, for both male and female. Stress can also be a big trigger factor for having migraines, the lack of sleep, sensory stimuli such as light, sound and strong smells can also trigger migraine. Studies also show that gender plays a big factor when experiencing migraines. Women have more hormonal changes that men, that is why most often women experiences migraine attacks. Migraines can also be caused by medications and other environmental factors.  


Migraines can be very debilitating and like some of the common ailments there are some tips that can help you remedy your migraine:  

  • Avoid oily and foods containing high MSG  
  • If you have eye problems, it is best to wear anti-glare prescription glasses to protect you also from sensory stimulus that can cause a migraine.  
  • Try to get a good amount of sleep. As stress can be a factor, this can be avoided by getting a good amount of sleep.  
  • Exercise before your period. It is good to do some exercise before your period, this releases good hormones and help you lessen your PMS.  
  • Avoid using too many gadgets daily. Try to limit yourself with being on your phone and laptop daily. Eye strain and too much light can trigger your migraine.  
  • Drink water regularly. Your migraine can start by a simple sign of dehydration.  
  • Check your medications. Your current medications may cause your migraines. Check with your doctor if he or she can advise another medication.  
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise can really help you with coping with your migraine. Regular physical movement can help relieve tension and stress.  


Migraines can be symptoms for other ailment and if not treated early, it can result to serious medical cases. If you are experiencing frequent and unbearable pain due to a migraine, consult your doctor or contact a Pain Management Spokane near you. Remember to treat your migraine seriously and if the pain is no longer remedied by the tips we have suggested, call your doctor and seek professional treatment.